This is the only 100% NON SPAM Mobile Marketing service.

The greatest daily annoyance your customers experience, next to TV and Radio commercials, is spam (unwanted or un-requested messages).
Like you, we despise the stuff. Unlike TV and radio commercials that we simply turn off or mute, we are forced to deal with spam loading our inboxes.

Spamming is the fastest way to turn off or even enrage customers, potentially damaging your business by driving away customers (and their friends) instead of attracting them.

Not here... 2COM Mobile Marketing is a request-response service ONLY.

Your patrons and potential customers will NEVER receive anything they did not explicitly request.

People want what they want, when they want it, and that is exactly how they get it with your 2COM text marketing option.

We do not sell, rent, abuse or even retain caller information. Unlike EVERY other service out there, we respect your privacy.

Used properly, text marketing is an extremely powerful tool and should absolutely be an integral part of your advertising arsenal.

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