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Do You Do Business in Central Oregon?

      If you do business in central Oregon and your marketing director, advertising agency, consultant, or media buyer is not putting your business in the highest circulated and most picked up publication in central Oregon than they are NOT working in your best interest, they are working in their own interest.

      Unfortunately, some agencies sole interest is to squeeze the most commission they can from their clients, NOT to get your business the best advertising deal available.

      This central Oregon publication consistently out-performs local tv, radio and print venues in central Oregon and does so at a fraction of the cost. This is a reputable media buyer's natural FIRST choice to put their clients into, it's a 'no brainer'. Unfortunately, less cost to you means less commission for an agency or buyer, so often they ignore the most effective solution and put their clients into more costly and less effective venues.   It's simply unethical.

      Even worse are those buyers that put their clients into useless "fluff media". These are typically low run, sparsely or poorly distributed publications usually printed on slick paper. These publications are generally designed to target advertisers exclusively, NOT a readership. Their purpose is to appeal to an advertiser's ego making it easier to sell them worthless ad space. The distribution of these products generally does not far exceed the duped advertisers themselves. They are typically colossal advertising failures.

      There are occasions for every form of advertising medium and specific techniques for each. If your agency doesn't know how each of these media work and why, then they are just wasting your money. If your agent offers up any reason to not make the highest circulated, lowest cost publication part of your annual campaign, they either do not know what they are talking about or they have their own interest at heart, NOT yours.

      An agency or buyer who makes this publication a part of your annual campaign is a good indicator that they are working in YOUR best interest.

      Remember, your ad agency works for you... Demand maximum exposure in the highest circulated publication in the area (Central Oregon Shopper), NOT just the most expensive.

Get Exclusive Agency Rate for Annual Media Buys in The Central Oregon Shopper

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